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Whether you're looking for help to make your home feel like a haven amongst the hustle, looking to make top dollar on selling your home, or looking to launch or level-up your own lifestyle business, this is the place to be!


I believe your home is sacred and full of potential to infuse a sense of laid-back living that you crave.

We hear a lot about transformation from the inside-out and I'm here for it, but what about transformation from the outside-in?

Your home is one way we can support your goal emotional state and build in that sense of calm you crave.

Think of that cozy-up by the fire with a cup of tea on a rainy autumn day feeling and let's cultivate it in your home.


Staging your home to make the biggest buck is so much more than choosing aesthetic pieces. By carefully selecting, arranging and styling your home with intentional pieces, we can elicit an ideal emotional response from potential buyers; that feeling that their life will be elevated by living in the home. 

The best part?


It's a win-win; you get top dollar selling your home and your buyers get the gift of a home that beautifully fits their lifestyle goals. 


I believe we all hold the key to making our life incredible. Whether you're looking to ditch burnout and find your own path to soul-led success, or looking to start, pivot or up-level your own lifestyle business, I am here to support you. 

I used to think that big dreams = big hustle, but I craved that laidback lifestyle of spending time with family, slow mornings filled with self care and a thriving business. The truth is, you don't have to choose between success and laidback living. You just need to design your lifestyle and career/business to fit your goals, instead of the reverse.


Through Sam's guidance I have learned to put myself first. When it came to quitting a job that was not serving me, she taught me that it is okay to make a scary decision when it comes to improving your mental health. Through my time as a client I finally made the leap to pursue an education I am so passionate about and had wanted to years. Without her gentle encouragement I don't know if I would have gone after my dreams in this manner. She has such a calm and reassuring cadence about her that makes you feel at ease. She will be changing lives for years to come and working with her has truly changed my life for the better. 

- Ali H.

Let's make your home vision a reality. We want to help you create a home that feels as incredible as it looks; one that's a beautiful extension of you and facilitates that laidback lifestyle you crave amidst the hustle of the day-to-day.  We have multiple options for working with us, built custom to your needs, budget and goals. 


  • Initial consultation (in-home or virtual) to understand your goals, vision, style and how we can best serve you to create a home you absolutely LOVE and can't wait to come home to 

  • Detailed proposal to confirm your vision

  • Detailed checklist and shopping list for DIYers, or done-for-you services (what can we say, we love shopping...)

  • Unlimited support in between sessions (via Voxer app)

  • In-home styling to implement your vision or guided DIY options available (either way, we're here for you every step of the way)

PRICE: beta pricing starting at $200


Let me guess, you've heard the market is on fire and you want to take full advantage of it, but you aren't sure how to know with certainty that your home is optimized to attract the exact buyer who will pay top dollar?


We are here to make it easy for you. After flipping and staging our own homes for the last 4 years, making $450,000 in the process, we understand what makes a buyer feel like "this is the one"!

With our home staging consults, we will provide you with a completely personalized list of updates and recommendations that will optimize your home and elicit the feeling you want your buyer to feel; one that motivates them to buy. 


  • In-home or virtual walk through and consultation

  • Completely personalized checklist of updates & recommendations that work with your existing big ticket items (couches, beds, etc). We're talking about small changes, for a big impact. The best part: we will intentionally help you select staging items and decor that you love, so you can take them with you.

    • Make more money, and keep the goods? Love it!

  • Unlimited support while you implement your checklist (via Voxer app)

  • Optional add-ons for Peterborough area include: done-for-you work such as painting, wall treatments etc (if recommended), and in-home staging with the small items recommended


PRICE: beta pricing starting at $400


Realizing that you want and are ready for more out of this incredible life is one of the most beautiful, daunting realizations; am I right?

The good news: you already have all of the answers within you. 

Even better news: I'm here to help you tune in and bring those answers to the forefront to guide you in pursuing your own soul-led success. 


  • You're thinking of starting your own lifestyle brand, business or social media page

  • You already have your own brand, business or social media page, and are feeling ready to level up, ditch the 24/7 hustle burnout and live the laidback lifestyle that attracted you to starting a business in the first place

  • You feel like you're not 100% aligned in your current career, but aren't entirely sure of what your next steps are 


  • You are ready to go all-in, commit to your growth and take radical responsibility for your results




  • Biweekly 1:1 calls 

  • A combination of coaching and teaching; I use my best tools (including hypnosis, Neuro-linguistic programming, TIME technique and Emotional Freedom Technique) alongside my thorough, but gentle coaching style to help you truly tune in to your vision, eliminate the blocks that slow you down and tap into your potential to build the lifestyle of your dreams

  • Unlimited 1:1 support between sessions (via Voxer app)

  • Recordings of techniques (hypnosis, TIME, EFT) to keep in your toolbox for years to come

PRICE: starting at $2000


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